In this blog post we wanted to explore the reasons behind the surge in hot tub ownership across the United Kingdom in recent years. LuxeSpa Managing Director, Bradley Aitchison, talks about the industry and what this growth means for the business;

“More of us are choosing to relax and exercise at home, which has been contributing massively to the rise of hot tub ownership nationwide, Brits are increasingly opting for short domestic breaks over holidaying abroad too, through holiday cottage, luxury lodge and log cabin breaks, hot tubs are increasingly demanded as a must-have feature – consumers then look to replicate this experience at home, we feel that’s where our company really fits into the market, we want to offer our customers affordable, luxurious and quality hot tubs, UK-wide, including excellent servicing packages to keep our hot tubs in tip-top condition long after they leave the warehouse ”.

With hot tub sales showing no signs of slowing down, a report by Lloyds TSB insurance in recent years claimed that on average, as many as one in ten households now have a hot tub. Boasting many medical properties, Hydrotherapy through hot tub use can help combat stress, arthritis, general aches and pains and promote improved blood circulation, amongst various other health benefits.

We have finally received our stock just in time for Christmas, and we are eager to see what 2016 brings us! If you fancy a hot tub in the new year, you can contact us to discuss your hot tub needs and we would be happy to help! 


Merry Christmas to all our followers! We are back in the office on Monday to prepare our #hottubs for the new year, your tub can be delivered directly to you, make 2016 a great one! - Brad, MD

Posted by LuxeSpa Hot Tubs UK on Thursday, 24 December 2015 


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016!  

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