New Water Care Products

This week we are pleased to announce three new additions to our hot tub & pool chemical range. 

Total Alkalinity Increaser: Quality Alkalinity Builder/Increaser specially formulated to increase the total alkalinity level in your hot tub or swimming pool water. Suitable for use in hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs and swimming pools. it is important to maintain a range of 80-120 ppm in your spa's water.

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Waterline Cleaner: A handy waterline cleaning solution specially designed for use in hot tubs or pools to remove scum around the waterline or tiles.

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Water Hardness Increaser: Water hardness increaser granules specially formulated to increase your hot tub or pool water's hardness.

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We offer a large range of essential hot tub chemicals at some of the lowest prices online - you can view our collection by clicking here.

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