Lead Times

Delivery lead time can vary from 6-12 weeks, depending what we have in stock or how far a batch is away from being delivered to us, please contact us for a better estimate on lead time. Small delays can occur due to the nature and distance in which our hot tubs are shipped to us. 


What is Delivery and Positioning?

All our hot tubs are sold on a delivered & positioned basis – this means that we will deliver, unload and manoeuvre your new hot tub into position at the property. Our team will remove all packaging, discuss the features, and explain chemical dosing, finally they will hand over they relevant documentation and manuals. We operate in this way to greatly reduce delivery time, in-turn keeping the price of our hot tubs very competitive, as we offer this service for free.


Access Requirements

We require 1m wide access to your property without obstruction. All our hot tubs are delivered on their side, so the depth of the hot tub becomes the width.  

Often customers have to temporarily remove gates, posts and unscrew drain pipes to ensure there is sufficient access for the hot tub. When access is not possible, it is quite common to take fence panels down and come in via your neighbour's property or surrounding area. 

If you have steps, it is normally not an issue as we carry ramps to navigate these. However if you are unsure of anything, take some photos so we can advise better.

Failure to meet minimum access requirements upon delivery will result in surcharges being applied, as per our terms and conditions. We urge you to measure up your entire access route.

Siting Your Hot Tub

Most customers site their spa outside, in a garden, or outdoor structure. Here are some things to bear in mind when choosing the perfect location for your spa:

  • Use a solid, durable surface - patio, decking or firm ground
  • Ensure decking is reinforced
  • Level surface
  • Suitable access to the spa cabinet in case of repairs or servicing
  • Adequate drainage for when you drain your spa for cleaning or moving
  • Ensure you have measured the hot tub before building a structure, we recommend doing this after your hot tub is delivered

Siting your hot tub inside is also possible - we recommend you place you spa in a well suited room with adequate ventilation and wet walling/flooring available.


Our Equipment

We deliver using a van and trailer, upon arrival we will offload your hot tub onto the SpaBuddy sledge, which is then used to pull your hot tub into position.



Electrical Requirements

Before we deliver your spa, you must arrange with your local Part-P certified electrician for an outdoor electrical supply to be installed close to your desired location, we recommend your supply is fitted around 2m from your spa and is in clear sight so it is easily accessible in case of an emergency. 

Below is what your electrician should install:

32A Hot Tubs

  • 4mm/6mm 3-core SY cable - leading to where spa will be positioned
  • 32A Lockable Rotary Isolator Switch IP65 - On a wall, or point close to your tub

13A Plug & Play Hot Tubs

  • Armoured cabling - leading to where spa will be positioned
  • Outdoor waterproof socket - On a wall, or point close to your tub
  • Armoured trailing cable with 3-pin plug

Your electrician will run a supply from your mains to your outdoor supply. When considering the length of cable needed to reach your hot tub from the isolator switch, please measure the absolute maximum distance to ensure it will reach your tub, so this can be connected easily when your hot tub is delivered. For safety reasons, we recommend you have your isolator switch placed so it is not reachable from inside the tub when in operation.

Your electrician must return to connect the outdoor supply to your hot tub.

We can not install the outdoor electrical supply, as we are not qualified to do so, and we want to ensure the correct equipment is in place for your safety above all else - we will be happy to help customers source an electrician in your local area, if you require some help please contact us to discuss your requirements.  


Crane/Hiab Hire

In some rare cases, customers may not be able to meet the minimum access requirements and have exhausted all other alternative entry to their property, a crane or HIAB may have to be hired in order to lift the spa to your desired location.

The cost of crane/HIAB hire is in no way covered by LuxeSpa Hot Tubs (UK) Ltd and will be in addition to the cost of your hot tub.

Costs of crane/HIAB hire can be expensive, so be sure to request quotes from various companies - smaller local companies may be more competitive, If you think crane/HIAB hire is required please ensure you have budgeted for the cost, if you would like us to assist you in finding a suitable company to carry out this work please contact us to discuss as we'd be more than happy to help.