Hot Tub FAQ

Read a list of commonly asked questions. Have a question that's not listed below? Speak with a member of our team today on 0800 009 6025


Q: What Are Your Lead Times?

Delivery lead times vary, you could expect to wait between 4-12 weeks depending on stock availability, due to our competitive pricing we sell a lot of our stock before it arrives into our warehouse. We advise you to get in touch to check lead times on specific models and colours. 


Q: Why 'Delivered & Positioned' and not 'Delivered & Installed'?

We believe in passing as much savings onto our customers as possible, by offering delivery and positioning for free. This allows us to deliver up to three hot tubs in a single trip, making it a lot more efficient for us - you can expect to pay a fortune for delivery and 'installation' elsewhere, on top of the price of your hot tub. All that is required is for your electrician to pop back and quickly connect your hot tub to the supply they will have previously installed, and for you, the customer to fill it up, switch it on and add in the chemicals.


Q: Why are Your Prices so Low?

We are an online based retailer who specialise in factory direct hot tubs, we don't purchase from a distributor, meaning we can cut out the middleman and keep our prices lower than the competition. We also don't have a showroom, therefore save on the overheads involved in operating one, meaning we don't need to incorporate the cost of this into our product pricing. 


Q: Where Can I Read Your Customer Reviews? 

Check out our independent reviews on our Trustpilot and Facebook profiles using the links below and find out what our customers have to say: 




Q: Running Costs - How Much Per Day?

Probably our most asked question, and hardest to answer. There are a number of factors which affect running costs, the largest factor is insulation. All our hot tubs are insulated with three layers, spray insulation on the underside of the shell, base and insulation board which lines the cabinet panels all the way around the hot tub.

Another key variable is down to your individual useage, using your hot tub 7 times a week vs using it 2-3 times a week will have an impact on electricity usage. 

Weather and outdoor temperature is another factor, depending on your location, it may be colder than other locations around the country. In the Winter months expect the hot tub to consume more electricity due to the temperature drop.

We advise around £1-1.50/day, however this is a guide. Heating your hot tub up from cold is the biggest energy consumer, so expect to see this in your first month or months where you complete a water change.