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Bromine Infused Granules

Bromine Infused Granules

Bromine Infused Granules


Quality Bromine granules for sanitisation of your hot tub or swimming pool water. Suitable for use in hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs and swimming pools. 


Our stabilised bromine granules produce free active bromine to kill bacteria and other harmful organisms in your spa water. The rapidly dissolving granules can be used as part of your daily maintenance routine and have minimal impact on pH.


Directions For Use


Maintain a pH level within an ideal range of 7.2-7.6. If the level is outside this range maintain bromine levels in spas of between 3-5mg/l. Freshly filled spas require initial shock treatment: 50mg/l for 1 hour or 20mg/l for 2 hours.


This product may be applied directly to spas where temperatures exceed 20 degrees Celsius. If below this temperature or in doubt pre-dissolve this product in a clean plastic container at a maximum rate of 10g of product per 1l in water. Stir well to ensure product is fully dissolved. Add the resulting solution to the spa whilst the pump(s) are turned ‘on’.


Repeat as necessary to achieve levels above.


We recommended that you periodically (e.g. weekly or after heavy spa use) shock dose your spa to eliminate any excess contamination.


Delivery Information


All orders under the total weight of 1.5kgs can be delivered on a standard 3 day service, which is ideal for those re-stocking on individual items. All orders over 1.5kgs will be sent on a next day delivery service due to the nature of our products. For more information on our shipping rates visit our Delivery page.


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Bromine Granules MSDS: Download


PRODUCT WARRANTY; Miami, Vegas & Dallas Series Hot Tubs


LuxeSpa Hot Tubs (UK) Ltd warrants to the original consumer purchaser (‘you’) the following about your new hot tub, when purchased directly from LuxeSpa Hot Tubs (UK) Ltd or an approved dealer:


2 Year No Leak Shell Warranty

LuxeSpa Hot Tubs (UK) Ltd warrants against water loss due to defects in the hot tub shell for 2 years from the date of delivery:

  • Shell Deformation, Bubbling & Leaks

2 Year Electrical Parts & Labour Warranty

LuxeSpa Hot Tubs (UK) Ltd warrants against component failures for a period of 2 years from the date of delivery:

  • Water Pumps
  • Balboa System/PCB & Heater
  • Balboa Topside Control Panel
  • Cabinet Workmanship
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Bluetooth & Speaker System
  • Ozone System
  • Pipework & Plumbing
  • LED Lights

Components/Items NOT covered under warranty:

  • Paper Filters
  • Filter Compartment/Housing
  • Headsets
  • Top Cover
  • Plastic Cover Clips, Locks & Keys
  • Steps
  • Screws
  • Hot Tub Base Plate (Fiberglass Base)



Extent of Warranty

This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the hot tub and when installed within the boundaries of the United Kingdom.

This warranty begins on your date of delivery, but in no event later than the warranty period.

This warranty terminates upon any transfer of ownership, or if the hot tub is relocated outside the boundaries of the United Kingdom.



Except as described above, this warranty does not cover defects or damage caused due to the following:

  • Normal Wear & Tear
  • Improper Installation
  • Improper Use
  • Unauthorised Alterations
  • Force of Nature/Acts of God
  • Chemical Abuse
  • Failure to Follow ALL Precautions, Considerations and Information Provided in the User Manual
  • Unauthorised Repairs

Warranty Performance

To make a claim under this warranty, contact the aftersales team at LuxeSpa Hot Tubs (UK) Ltd. You must give (‘us’) LuxeSpa Hot Tubs (UK) Ltd written notice of any warranty claim, along with a copy of your original purchase receipt indicating the date of the purchase, within 10 working days of the time you discover the fault.


LuxeSpa Hot Tubs (UK) Ltd absolutely reserves the right to inspect the malfunction or defect on location.


If the main access panel is obstructed and not easily accessible, it is your responsibility to make the hot tub fully accessible to an engineer prior to their arrival, otherwise we will charge you for failing to do so, even if the work being carried out is covered under warranty. Depending on the extent of the work required to make the hot tub accessible upon arrival, we reserve the right to recall our engineer and then charge you again for the additional call-out once you have made your hot tub accessible.


LuxeSpa Hot Tubs (UK) Ltd or its authorised service agent will replace any defects covered by this warranty. Except as described herein, you will not be charged for parts, or the freight costs for parts necessary to repair the hot tub for defects covered by this warranty.


Validation of Warranty

It is the full responsibility of the customer to validate any warranty offered within 30 days of your hot tub delivery date. You can do so by forwarding us a copy of the electrical certificate produced by your electrician verifying the works they have carried out. You can do this via email or post – clearly stating your unique order ID and date of delivery.

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