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Full Annual Hot Tub Service 

We highly recommend booking a full service on an annual basis to ensure your hot tub remains in great condition throughout its life.

Without regular maintenance, the internal pipework will develop a build-up of dirt and debris commonly referred to as bio-film, which contains parasites, viruses, bacteria and mould, unbeknown to you. If left, it becomes extremely difficult to remove as it lines the plumbing within your hot tub. If you think your water is clean and sanitary just because it looks clear, think again. Simply draining, refilling and maintaining your hot tub chemicals regularly will not combat the formation of bio-film over time.

Our engineer will perform an deep internal system flush/cleanse and will also check the condition of all your hot tub components, seals, pipework unions and parts to ensure they are performing as they should. Reporting any advisories and/or issues to you upon completion. 

System Inspection

  • Visually Check & Test All System Functions
  • Ampere Pull & Inspect Electrical Components
  • Inspect Unions & Seals
System Flush & Cleanse

  • Full System Flush & Spa Bath Using Bio-film Remover
  • Drain Spa & Wet Vac Remaining Water
  • Clean Acrylic Surface
  • Remove Marks & Stains (if Applicable)
  • Remove & Clean Filters

Cabinet & Cover Treatment

  • Clean Cabinet Panels
  • Clean & UV Treat Top Cover

Pump & Component De-Scale

  • De-Scale Pump(s) & Remove Debris 

Recommission & Test 

  • Refill Spa & Bleed Pumps of Air
  • Retest System Functions
  • Check For Leaks
  • Retest Ampere Pull & Inspect Electrical Components
  • Set Filter Cycles & Time

Balance Water Chemistry & Report  

  • Balance Water Using Customers Chemicals
  • Inform Customer of Outcome, Advisories & Issues (if applicable)

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